Raven Redmond - Randy Raven

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Randy Raven

Occupation: Waitress
Lives: Flint, Michigan
Age: 18
Born: March 29
Ht: 5'6"
Wt: 130 pounds
Bras: 32D
Panties: I'd rather not wear them
Anal: Licking when I'm horny
BJs: I always swallow
Masturbate: Daily

"To tell you guys the truth, I was bullied a lot in high school," the beautiful Raven told us. "It was a really tough time for me. I think the other girls were jealous of my body, so I tried to hide it behind conservative clothes. I didn't want to draw any attention to myself. Then, shortly after graduation, I realized that I didn't have to do that anymore. I want the world to see how good I look. I'm tired of hiding my titties! They're big, they're firm, and they're awesome. I want to show them off. So I called you guys and asked if you wanted me to come down to Miami to shoot. Thanks again for putting me up and showing me the city. I love the nude beaches!"

"I always swallow when I give a blowjob because I don't know how to make spitting look sexy. I mean, I guess guys like watching porn where girls swish and slurp the jizz, but I'd rather just deepthroat and swallow the cum as it comes out."

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Raven Redmond - Randy Raven

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Jessi Green - Smooth Cutie

Monday, April 25, 2016
Smooth Cutie

Age: 23; Born: Sep. 2; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 104 lbs; Bras: 34A;
Panties: Cute ones; Anal: Yes; BJs: Swallow;
Lives: Worcester, England; Occupation: Office assistant

You've got to love a girl who lets her pubes grow wild. It shows individuality and a sense of fun. That's a perfect description of Jessi. "I've always had pubes," Jessi told us. "I'm not one of those bandwagon girls who started growing a bush because Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz started advocating for pubes. I think that's bullshit. Women should do whatever they want to their bodies. I don't give a fuck if a man likes my pubes. If he doesn't want to lick my pussy or fuck me because of it, he can sod off! That being said, I hate routine. I get antsy whenever things stay the same for too long. I change my hair color at least once every other month. That's why I decided to shave my pubes off."

"I have to admit," Jessi confided in us, "using a razor on my pussy took a little getting used to. I didn't know what position I should be in. My boyfriend just kept telling me to bend over and show him my arse. I knew that wasn't the best way to shave! He was just trying to have a peek at my butt! That pervert! Anyway, I finally figured out that I had to work in sections. I started from the top, above my clitoris, and worked my way down to the cheeks. I made sure to use loads of lotion on it afterwards, too. I've heard horror stories about razor burn on the vagina."

"It's going to take some getting used to, having this shaved pussy. I've got some pretty strong opinions about it already. First, I love the way silk panties feel against my smooth skin. I wore a pair to work the other day, and every time I walked around my office, my thighs would get soaked with pussy juice. That's the other thing. I'm not used to my pussy juices running down my legs! I've always had thick hair to soak it up! My vagina isn't smelling as potent, either. I've always had a thick, pheromone-heavy scent whenever I was aroused. Men would tell me it drove them insane. My boyfriend lets me know that he misses it, but he's having the time of his life exploring my smooth cunt."

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Jessi Green - Smooth Cutie

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Niki - Flasher in the Outback

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Flasher in the Outback

"The bloke I'm dating went down to Sydney on business. He bought two issues of NN there and we looked at them in his bed after I'd welcomed him back. He encouraged me when I told him I wanted to pose for the mag, so the very next weekend we drove out into the country and found this spot. I've never felt so sexy, so much a woman and so randy as I did while I was posing. So we had a naughty (sex) on our pile of clothes."

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Niki - Flasher in the Outback

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Nina Nelson - Happy with the Memories

Friday, April 22, 2016
It's hard to be a porn stud. There's a lot of pressure. Check out our behind-the-scenes reality show Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts if you think otherwise. Still, if you're good enough, you can start to attract a lot of attention.

It seems like our man, Juan is in big demand these days. A lot of girls want to see if that Latin lover mystique is accurate. So they request Juan when they contact us about losing their on-camera cherry. We're happy to oblige, but we're goddamned jealous about all the great pussy he gets.

Nina, 18, a student from Patchogue, New York, asked to get it on with Juan. She is 5', weighs 99 pounds, wears 32A bras and thongs. She said that one of her professors is always encouraging his students to express themselves and to be individualistic. "But I don't know if he means doing this sorta thing," little Nina said. "I've been fucking for a couple of years now, so I know what guys like and I know what I like," said Nina. "I prefer slow sex with the guy doing me deep. I can only cum once while I'm screwing, and I like that to be in the missionary position. I have my strongest orgasms that way. But I like most every other position, and I sure like trying out new ways to get my pussy stuffed with dick. I decided that I wanted to fuck for NN after dating and screwing a few guys who all had small dicks--well, I thought they were!--I started wondering what it would feel like to be totally filled with a big cock. So, after fantasizing about it a lot while masturbating, I decided to go for it and get myself in NN, too. I held off masturbating for a whole two weeks before my big day just so I'd be horny and ready. But I was nervous, too. Wow! Size does matter!" Nina gasped after she'd calmed down from doing Juan. "It's way harder to suck a big cock than a regular one, but being stuffed with a big dick like Juan's is truly awesome! I actually came while we were fucking and I didn't think that would happen, what with the camera guys being in the room and all. But the big cock didn't make me cum more than once, or make my orgasm better than it usually is, so I can go back to fucking guys with normal dicks and be happy with my memories."

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Elle MacQueen - Bush Baby Elle

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Thirty-one-year-old Elle is our Bush-Baby this month. She told us that eventually she's going to shave. Is that a shame? Is that a good thing? It depends on who you ask. "I've had blokes who swore they were converted into loving pubes because they took a run at me. I've also had blokes who told me that they'd shag, but they could never date a woman with hair. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder," Elle told us.

"I used to work as a pole dancer a long time ago," Elle continued. "But I gave that up. It was so exciting, but it wasn't the most-stable job. I was the only dancer who had knickers full of pubes, but that often worked to my advantage. There were loads of 18-year-old girls dancing next to me, and they had their fair share of suitors, but the older businessmen preferred me. That was fine, by the way. They had more money to spend on lap dances! Plus, I could grab their wrists and guide their fingers through my curlies. That always got me a few extra quid!"

We're sorry that Elle is going to eventually shave. Still, we asked her to take pictures when she does. Bald pussy is better than no pussy, right?

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Talula - 20 &Divorced

Monday, April 18, 2016
We'll never understand why young people get married. Okay, we have some understanding. Young chicks do it because they've been sold on "happily-ever-after" lives. But why do young men do it? Well, probably to lock down fine pieces of ass like Talula. Do you like the lingerie she's wearing in these shots? So did her ex-husband. She's 20 years old and already divorced.

Now, we can't blame Talula's ex-hubby for putting a ring on her finger. She's young, adventurous and, according to him, never one to say no in the bedroom. She sounds like the perfect girl, right? But like most young marriages, this one ended in a spectacular disaster. "I wasn't ready for her," Talula's ex told us. "She was totally cool with trying a threesome. I picked out a girl from my office and the three of us stayed up all night fucking our brains out. The only problem was that I continued fucking my coworker's brains out. Talula didn't appreciate that."

His loss is our gain. He sent in these photos of Talula, and now you get to enjoy her, too.

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Gaechka - Sex Urchin

Sunday, April 17, 2016
"My boyfriend calls me his 'little sex urchin,' said Gaechka. "I love sex and I'd screw every day--several times a day--if I could. I'm really into giving blow jobs but I'm not too good at swallowing. I love having my pussy licked because I cum real easy that way. When we're having sex, I can usually cum two or three times--loud, screaming and moaning orgasms with lots of shuddering and thrashing about. Hey, I can't help it! Okay? If we're not together and I'm horny, then I'm real good at talking dirty for phone sex. I can talk really filthy then, just like I do when I'm fucking sometimes. So, you like me?"

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Karina O Reilley - Balcony Boning

Friday, April 15, 2016
Lives: Las Vegas, Nevada; Occupation: Casino worker; Age: 24; Born: March 29; Ht: 5'8"; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: Teeny Bikinis brand; Anal: Not tried it yet; BJs: Totally swallow; Diddle: Sometimes.

Karina arrived in Miami a few days before departing on a Caribbean cruise so she would have the time to fuck one of our studs. When she saw the shoot location--high above the harbor, she said it would almost feel like fucking in an aircraft to join the Mile High Club. "Since I first learned I could fuck one of The SCORE Group's studs, I've been promising myself the thrill of doing a guy with a big, thick dick," she said. "The experience was everything I'd fantasized about it being--and then some. Boy did I cum!" Check out the video, too.

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Bambi Brooks - Social Butterfly

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Whenever we get a young girl in our studios we ask her what her high school experience was like. After all, these teens don't have much of a frame of reference for the real world.

"I was a social butterfly," Bambi told us. "I didn't really play any sports. They're not my thing, really. I was the kind of girl that everybody knew would be down for a good time whenever and wherever."

Does that mean that Bambi slept around?

"Not so much," Bambi told us. "I lost my virginity at a normal age. It was with a friend in my pool in my backyard. Both of my parents were home at the time! And besides that guy, I've only had sex with a handful more. I'm not a slut! Whenever I talk to my friends about sexual fantasies, theirs are always more pervy than mine. The thing I think about when I masturbate is doing it on a balcony of a beautiful hotel or condo looking over the ocean. It's cheesy, but it sounds romantic and the idea of it always puts me in the mood."

That sounds like Bambi might be innocent.

"I've experimented a lot, even though my total guy-count is low. I've had sex with girls, too. One time, and this is, like, the craziest thing I've ever done, but I hooked up with this chick who had a foot fetish. I let her clean my entire body, then she spent over an hour kissing, licking and basically making out with my toes. It's not normally my thing, but she got me going."

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Nicole - Give Everybody a Turn

Monday, April 11, 2016
"I don't see what the big deal is with being naked. I don't know why people make it such a big deal," Nicole informed us when we told her we were going to print her photos in our magazine and publish them online. "I love that guys all over the world are going to be seeing my tits, my ass and even inside my pussy. I think it's empowering. I mean, I've slept with plenty of guys and none of them were all that special. Why not just let everybody see me naked?"

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Natalia Jay - Outdoor Shower Fun

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Natalia, spending two semesters studying English at a university in South Florida, was eager to pose for her American boyfriend and be in NN. "I always try to be sexy," she said. "I like the way my body looks and I like having men look at me, although that is always with my clothes on. Getting naked and rude for my boyfriend to take photos got me very sexed up and having his cock inside me afterwards was all I wanted."

Natalia's posing in her outdoor shower is one of the finest displays of public nudity we've ever seen. What do you think?

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Dillion Harper - Another Stud Seeker

Friday, April 08, 2016
Lives: Jupiter, Florida; Occupation: Dental care trainee; Age: 20; Born: September 27; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: Thongs or boyshorts; Anal: A finger there feels good; BJs: Always swallow some; Diddle: Probably too much.

"I wanted to fuck a stud to see if there is more to sex than what I've experienced with the guys I've screwed," said Dillion. "I wanted to do somebody who'd take his time and work me over and not just be into his own pleasure. I sure got what I was hoping for and a whole lot more! The fact that Johnny's dick was by far the biggest cock that's been in my pussy, was great, but having him get me off before he did his thing was what I'd fantasized about." Check out the video, too.

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Bedeli B. - Back in the Day Bedeli

Thursday, April 07, 2016
Back in the day, Bedeli was just another no-name girl with big dreams and an even bigger ass. Let's take a look at what made her such a promising up and comer back then.

Bedeli Buttland, a Cuban babe with blonde hair and a big ass that thunders and shakes, makes her BootyLiciousMag.com debut by getting her throat, pussy and ass fucked. Bedeli was born in Cuba and lives in Miami, Florida, where she's pursuing the American dream by being a swinger and porn star. Her goal in life?

"I'm just concentrating on making it far in porn," Bedeli said. She'll make it as far as she wants if she keeps doing what she's doing here.

"The more I receive, the more I want," Bedeli said of her sexual appetite. "I have sex four or five times a week. I'd do it more if I had the time. I'm open to anything kinky, but I love being on top and getting fucked from behind doggie-style."

Bedeli also told us, "I had awesome sex at a club in Miami. Not many were watching, but, yes, it was public. It was a threesome, me, my hubby, and a guy we met. He was a black guy with a big cock. I almost fell in love!"

Bedeli says the funniest pickup line she's ever heard was, "Tu con tantas curves y yo sin frenos! That means, 'You have lots of curves, and I don't have any brakes."

No need for brakes with a girl like Bedeli. She's up for anything.

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Kimmy Fabel - Key West Cutie

Wednesday, April 06, 2016
Lives: Key West, Florida
Occupation: Server
Age: 21
Born: May 27
Ht: 5'5"
Wt: 120 pounds
Bras: 34D
Panties: Thongs
Anal: I'll do it if you're down
BJs: I'm the head master
Masturbate: Not really

People don't live in Key West, do they? Isn't everybody there on vacation, listening to Jimmy Buffett and sucking back margaritas? Well, Kimmy lives there, but you'll see that growing up in the southernmost point on the US mainland gave her an interesting life.

When we ask girls if they have any special hobbies, they usually respond that they can hula-hoop, or that they're good singers. We asked Key West native Kimmy what she does well. "I can make a three leaf clover shape with my tongue. Oh, and I used to be a professional wakeboarder." That means that Kimmy spent a lot of time in the water. "I've had so much sex in the ocean and on boats, it's not even funny. But you know what? I lost my virginity in a movie theater. How funny is that? If you're not in the water in The Keys, there aren't a lot of other places to hang out if you're under 21."

"I'm the head master. Seriously, I'm the best at giving head. And spitters are quitters, so I always swallow. I'll challenge any girl to a suck-off competition!"

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Sasha del Mar - Sasha's ass gets what it deserves: cock

Tuesday, April 05, 2016
As saucy Latina divorcees go, they don't come much sexier than 50-year-old MILF Sasha del Mar. Her hobbies?

"Dancing," she told us in Spanish through a translator (she's Peruvian and speaks very little English). "In my spare time, I have sex."

Sasha has nice tits. They're D-cups. Nice ass, too. Sasha's hips measure 44 inches. Nice dick-sucking mouth.

"I always dress sexy," Sasha said. "I like to show off my boobs and booty."

Sasha is divorced. She's a mom. She's been a swinger for about a year. Here, she's wearing short shorts that show off her big ass and a tight top that shows off her big rack. Her stud, Tarzan, loves her booty. He can't stop worshiping it, although he does stop when she starts sucking his cock. Then he fucks her pussy and ass.

"Most men love my ass," she said. "I love being watched while having sex. For instance, when I go to the swingers club, I love the singles side because more people watch me. It's amazing."

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Heidi Robins - By Request

Monday, April 04, 2016
Hey guys, one of you members commented on Heidi's photos a couple of weeks ago. We were inspired to hit the archive and see if we had any more content on her.

Heidi is a gal who knows what she wants. "I like sex two or three times a day when I can get it," she said. "But that doesn't stop me from masturbating. And I like girls, too. I get real antsy if I go too long without getting to lick a juicy pussy and get some of the same back. When it's time to fuck me, tie me up, spank me and do me doggie-style and I'm a happy girl. But I'll want more sex real soon, okay?"

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Jessica Jensen - Stretch Wide

Sunday, April 03, 2016
Jessica can stretch her legs very wide open.
But actually getting her to uncross them is a completely different thing. "I don't sleep around with a lot of guys, but I get really freaky with the ones I do fuck," Jessica said. If you're one of the lucky few, you'll get to see just how flexible Jessica is. She'll straddle you in a complete split and let you pound away into her slit. "When a guy bangs me with my legs in a split, it's fucking intense. Especially when they start like, drilling. It just hits some spot inside of me that makes me get lightheaded."

So you like it rough?
"I like to start off nice and slow and then finish good and hard. For me to get in the mood, I want a guy to kiss my neck and make-out with me super-passionately. Suck on my tits and rub my ass 'cause I like that kind of stuff. I want my pussy to be wet before he even unzips my pants. Then when he slips it in, I like it to be slow so I can get used to his cock being in there. But after that it's pounding time!"

Do you try any crazy positions?
"I've put my legs behind my head. But that's probably it. Sex feels good to me no matter what so I don't have to try anything crazy. Just slip your dick in and I'm happy."

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Natalie Grey - Inspired By Her Ex

Friday, April 01, 2016
We know you guys like redheads here at NM. This 28-year-old store clerk from St. Louis, Missouri is 5'9" and weighs 125 pounds. Her name is Natalie. She wears 34B bras and prefers boyshorts or thongs. She tried anal sex once, but it hurt so much that she's not ready to try it again. "The last guy I dated was big into NN, and we talked about me posing for him and sending in the photos," Natalie said. "But we never got around to it. When we decided to split up, he left a few issues of the mag in my apartment and I still look at them. See, I've had a few lezzie encounters, and I enjoy getting myself off while looking at naked girls. Anyway, I decided to break out...be daring...get naughty...and fuck a genuine stud.

"Once I've had my clit licked and I've cum, I'm hot to trot," said Natalie. "I like for sex to take a while; I'm definitely not into quickies. I like trying out different positions because, to me, a cock feels so different inside me in every position. I can sometimes cum twice while I'm fucking, and my favorite way to cum is while I'm getting pounded doggie-style. I had a great orgasm while Sergio was doing me that way. My other favorite way to have an orgasm is sitting on a guy's dick while facing his feet. I can set the pace like that and the angles just seem to work out great for me to get off. I came like that with Sergio as well. I was exhausted after three orgasms. I'm so glad that I listened to my pussy and fucked Sergio for the cameras," Natalie said. "I'm not embarrassed about having done it but, having said that, I won't be showing the magazine to everyone I know, just a select few. If they choose to tell others what they see, I can live with that. I kinda feel more sexually mature and sexually confident now, and I won't be worried about how I look naked or how I perform in bed the next time I'm with a new lover. The next thing on my sexual 'to do' list is a threesome with two guys."

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